Advanced Semiconductor and Application Exhibition

Time:23rd-25th October,2024

Address:Hall B, C of Suzhou International Expo Center

The third-generation semiconductors' high-frequency, high-efficiency, high-power, high-pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, radiation resistance and other superior performance meet the major national strategic needs such as energy saving and emission reduction, intelligent manufacturing, and information security. It is a key core material and electronic component that supports the independent innovation development and transformation and upgrading of industries such as new-generation mobile communications, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail trains, and energy internet. 2019 is a key year for the third generation semiconductor industry. As the SiC, GaN substrate and epitaxial quality continue to improve, the size continues to expand, the defect density continues to decrease, and the cost performance has been further recognized downstream. Mouser data shows that various types of SiC and GaN products (including power electronics and microwave radio frequency, excluding LEDs) sold by various manufacturers in 2019 are close to 1,300 models, an increase of 60% compared with 2017, and an increase of 321 New product in 2019. With the acceleration of automotive electronics and 5G, the market has rapidly opened up room for growth.

In order to better serve the third-generation semiconductor industry at home and abroad, provide channels for concentrated display and industry exchange of the advanced semiconductor industry chain enterprises, Chinese society of MICRO-NANO technology, Jiangsu Advanced Semiconductor Research Institute, China Semiconductor Industry Association MEMS branch and Nanopolis Suzhou Co.,Ltd jointly held the "Advanced Semiconductor and Application Exhibition", focusing on displaying new technologies, new products and new applications of the third generation semiconductor industry at home and abroad.

We look forward to more companies participating in our exhibitions and forums to conduct cooperation and exchanges in the same industry. While displaying the image and expanding the market, we seek partners and develop business opportunities!




  • Chinese society of MICRO-NANO technology
  • China Semiconductor Industry Association MEMS branch
  • Jiangsu Advanced Semiconductor Research Institute


  • Nanopolis Suzhou Co.,Ltd

Cooperation partners

  • Jiangsu New Materials Industry Association
  • Shenzhen New Materials Industry Association
  • Shanghai New Materials Association
  • Suzhou Industrial Technology Innovation and Cultivation Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Exhibit scope

Exhibit Scope

Audience organization

Audience organization

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