Innovation and Entrepreneurship of China's Advanced Electronic Materials Competition

As the cornerstone of the information technology industry, electronic materials are essential to the development of industries such as semiconductors, optical electronic display, solar photovoltaic system and electronic devices, etc. The advanced electronic materials have gained momentum in its R&D and application since the 1990’s. Up to now, they have seen wide use in a breadth of fields and even have a revolutionary impact on various fields of traditional industries. To utilize the function of competition platforms in integrating innovation resources and capabilities of the functional nanomaterials industry in China, the Organizing Committee of CHInano Conference & Expo, joining hands with SZVC, Flyfot Ventures and other renowned venture capitals of the pan semiconductor industry, holds the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship of China's Advanced Electronic Materials Competition 2022", with the aim of improving the industrial innovation efficiency, enhancing the independent innovation capability and smoothing the docking and transformation channels of innovation capability to facilitate the landing of high-quality entrepreneurial projects, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the harmonized development of large and small enterprises and thus enable excellent enterprises and innovative products stand out faster.

The Conference is mainly targeted at enterprises and groups in the industrial chain of advanced electronic materials in the fields of information technology, semiconductor, smart manufacturing, energy saving, etc., such as R&D, preparation, mass production and application, etc. with the goal of selecting a number of high-quality start-ups and innovative projects through the competition platform, and enabling them to gain market recognition faster through investment and market docking so as to realize leapfrog development.

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Enterprises and groups in the industrial chain of advanced electronic materials in the fields of information technology, semiconductor, smart manufacturing, energy saving, etc., such as R&D, preparation, mass production and application.

Prize Settings


  • China Advanced Electronic Materials Best Investment Value Award 2022

    Non-listed enterprises / groups of revenue less than RMB 50 million, with good social reputation, no adverse records or intellectual property disputes and engaged in the R&D, preparation, mass production, downstream application and/or other links of the advanced electronic materials industrial chain in the field of advanced information technology, semiconductor, smart manufacturing and energy saving.
  • China Advanced Electronic Materials Best Innovation Product Award 2022


    Entries that have been successfully developed (or have significant improvement in product iteration) within the past three years and successfully prepared with independent IP and unique technical advantages, including but not limited to advanced semiconductor materials, semiconductor lighting, new display, high-power laser materials and devices, high-end photo-electronic and micro-electronic  materials, etc.

Selection Criteria


The participating enterprises / groups must submit for either one of the two awards by filling the respective appendix forms. Submitting for both awards at the same time is not allowed. Each enterprise can submit 2 products at maximum for the China Functional Nanomaterials Innovation Product Award 2021.
  • China Functional Nanomaterials Best Investment Value Award 2021
    Product technology, business model, market prospect, core team, financial status and other indicators.
  • China Functional Nanomaterials Innovation Product Award 2021
    Submissions shall stand out in terms of the degree of sophistication and originality of such performance indicators as innovative material structure, preparation technology and terminal applications, etc., fill the market gap, form an independent school in the subdivision field, and effectively replace similar imported products with broad market prospects.
Scoring Mechanism


  • Final scoring
    To ensure fair competition, the submissions of the participating enterprises will be anonymized and submitted to the experts for anonymous evaluation. The top 10 of each award (20 shortlisted for 2 Awards) will be selected to enter the final.
  • Finalist evaluation
    The final is in the form of "roadshow + defense". Each participant has a roadshow of 7 minutes and a defense of 3 minutes,
    The average score will be obtained after scoring by experts, and the final score will be announced before the next contestant's roadshow.

Contest rewards


  • Shortlist Awards

    On-site exhibition: All the shortlisted enterprises will be provided areas free of charge for company introduction and product display in the CHInano Conference & Expo 2022 Exhibition Area.

    Tape-out Subsidy and Clean Room Leasing Aid:
    Finalists successfully settled in SIP can receive a tape-out subsidy of 20% discount in price, which can be up to 2 million RMB each year for each platform, when using the public service platform of SIP to introduce the pilot scale production of new products; those who rent the public ultra-clean room of SIP can receive rental subsidy at the rate of 100 RMB per SQM per month, which can be up to 1 million RMB for each enterprise per year, up to 3 years (subjected to the actual policy).

  • Prizes for Excellence

    The Contest will provide cash award for the winning enterprises, with RMB 100,000 Yuan for the first prize, RMB 30,000 Yuan for the second and RMB 10,000 for the third. 

    Winning enterprisesthatsuccessfully settle in Suzhou Industrial Park after theContest will be offeredthe greenlight to declaring forthe"Suzhou Industrial Park Leading Talent in Science andTechnology", i.e.,direct entry to the final round of interview for a range of favorable policies, which at maximum include agrowth award ofRMB 10 million, equity investmentofRMB 10 million, start-up fundofRMB 5 million, industrialization awardofRMB 1 million, loan supportofRMB 5million for three years, 50%off loaninterest, subsidy forapartmentpurchasing andrentrelief /reduction for three years, etc. (subject tothe policy at the time of implementation).

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