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Customs Declaration and Shipment
Special booth construction
Customs Declaration and Shipment
Shanghai Zhanyi Logistics Co., Ltd.
In order to guarantee the exhibitor's booth decoration, we provide professional exhibition decoration and freight forwarding companies to serve you.
  • Tel:86-21-62307329/62592781
  • website:
  • E-mail:zhanyi_logistics@163.com
  • Adress:Room 501, 158 Tianshan Branch Road, Changning District, Shanghai
  • Contact Person:Sun Han 86-13311929182
Special booth construction
Suzhou International Expo Center Group Co., Ltd.
Suzhou International Expo Center Group Co., Ltd. has won multiple honors such as the Best Contribution to Jiangsu Exhibition Industry Award, China International Copyright Expo Excellent Organization Award and China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo Outstanding Display Award, etc. It holds the Level I licence for exhibition and display projects, Level II licensed contractor for building decoration projects and Level B license for building engineering and design issued by China Association For Exhibition Centers; in the meantime, it is the Vice President Unit of Jiangsu Association of Convention & Exhibition and one of the first batch of “Key Exhibition Projects” nominated by the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Tel:18118139153   0512-65836616
  • website:www.guozhangroup.com   
  • E-mail:3001070815@qq.com  
  • Adress:2nd Floor, Hall G, Expo Center, No.688 Suzhou East Avenue , Suzhou Industrial Park.
  • Contact Person:Emma Su
According to the regulations and policies of the Chinese government, foreign citizens that travel to China for business must present an Invitation Letter issued by the Chinese inviting party or a Visa Notification Letter issued by the authorized body when applying for a business visa to China. Exhibitors and visitors who need an invitation letter to apply for a Chinese visa are welcome to contact us.
Shanghai Zhuoge Exhibition Service CO., Ltd
  • Tel:+86-6999 3036
  • website:http://www.nanopolis.cn
  • E-mail:zhangyt@nanopolis.cn
  • Adress:Adress:Room 1524, No. 3888, ***ai Road, Shanghai
  • Contact Person:Contact Person:86-21-56010210 Yang Li
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