Conference Introduction

CHInano 2024 Intellectual Property Summit is held to promote the deep dive of the intellectual property rights related activities in the application of nanotechnology, and plans to invite renowned Chinese and international experts to have quality dialogue on high-quality development of nanotech industry empowered by IP based on the current situation of the nanotech industry, and serve as an open platform to boost the information sharing and win-win cooperation between the industry, institutions and government bodies.




    1. Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province
    2. Suzhou Administration For Market Regulation
    3. Suzhou Industrial Park Science and Technology Innovation Commission


    1. Nanopolis Suzhou Co, Ltd.


    1. Suzhou Industrial Park Industrial lnnovation Center
    2. MEMS Industrial Intellectual Property Alliance
    3. YRD Advanced Semiconductors Industrial Intellectual Property Alliance
    4. Jusirui lnternational Technology lnvestment Consulting Co., Ltd.
    5. Blue Uni (Shenzhen) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Main topics

Main topics

Topics discussed at this meeting included but are not limited to:


Speakers of 2023 Conference

Date: Mar. 2
Location: A109-A110
Agenda arrangement
Yonghui Zhao (Head of IPTTO JOINNOVATION Concept Validation Research Center)
Practice of Concept Validation Facilitating the Cultivation of Patent Achievements

Agenda arrangement
Yinyong Lin (Judge of Suzhou Intellectual Property Court)
Protection of Enterprise Technological Innovation by Patent Law

Agenda arrangement
Xiaowei Li (Senior Partner of Jiangsu New Talent Law Firm)
Legal Framework Applicable to the Process of the Commercialization of Scientific and Technological Achievements

Agenda arrangement
Dawei Wang (Director of Shenzhen Association for Micro / Nano Fabrication Industry Promotion)
Building Indepent Technical Assets during the Conversion of Technological Achievements

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