Development Process

Development Process

After holding 12 years, CHInano has become China's most influential nanotechnology exchange event that has been widely recognized and actively participated by the world nano powers.

  • CHInano Conference & Expo 2023 has integrated five functionalities, i.e., conference, exhibition, contests, awards and product launch and consisted of 1 keynote report, 11 professional forums, 1 product launch and 2 innovation and entrepreneurship contests. It successfully invited 19 domestic and foreign academicians and more than 300 top-notch experts and representatives from various higher education institutions, listed companies and renowned enterprises and organizations to attend and make speeches and hosted 344 reports, which received 9383 specialized guests. The exhibition area was 22,000m2 with 580 standard booths serving 300+ exhibitors, displayed over 2200 latest technological items and innovative applications in the field of nanotechnology from the world and attracted 16412 visitors on site from more than 2000 organizations. The number of guests at one point was as high as 25795 during the event.

  • CHInano 2021, integrating “conference, exhibition, competition, awarding and product launch”,held 1 keynote speech,10 special forums,2 contests and 307 industrial reports. It invited 1 Nobel Prize winner and 11 Chinese and foreign academicians. It offered an exhibition area of 20,000m2 and more than 560 exhibition booths.Over 2,000 kinds of high-tech products were displayed and more than 2,200 nanotech firms participated in the event. “2021 Innovation and Entrepreneurship of China's MEMS Competition & 2021 Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Nano-Functional Materials Competition” attracted more than 500 venture capital professionals to watch the competition on site, and the live broadcast online received 1.038 million clicks. The Conference & Expo received a total of 20,796 visitors. Nearly a hundred of intents of collaboration were reached on site with up to 340 million CNY investment intent signed on site between companies.
  • CHInano 2020 integrating “conference, exhibition, competition, product launch and awarding”,held 10 special forums, 1 contest and 250 industrial reports. It invited 1 Nobel Prize winner and 20 Chinese and foreign academicians. 10 exhibition groups and more than 2,000 nanotech firms participlated in the event. It attracted 19309 guests. With an exhibition area of 18,000 m2 and 490 exhibition booths, more than 1,800 kinds of innovative high-tech products were displayed. Various indicator shows that the session was a big hit and created record highs in the history of CHInano. MEMS 2020 was well received by the audience with three enterprises from SIP winning the contest. Nearly 100 intents of collaboration were reached on site, which amounted up to 200 million CNY.
  • CHInano 2019 organized 1 plenary speech and 16 theme sessions, 530 industry reports, and invited a total of 23 academicians at home and abroad, where Andre Heim participated this event first time as Nobel Prize Winner. CHInano 2019 set up 18,000 ㎡exhibition area, attracting 8 domestic and foreign delegations, 27 countries, and more than 1,600 nanotechnology companies to join the exhibition and conferences. A total of more than 1,800 pieces of nanotechnology innovative products were exhibited. The number of conference participants reached 5,089 with the number of professional procurement guests reached 10,919. The total number of visitors was 16,008, which has reached a record high. In 2019, CHInano won the award of "AAA" level professional exhibition in Jiangsu Province.

  • CHInano2018 set up an exhibition area of 15,000 ㎡ that attracted 4 overseas delegations, 389 exhibitors including 272 domestic companies and 117 foreign companies. The total number of visitors was 14016

  • CHInano2017 set up an exhibition area of 13,000 that attracted 4 overseas delegations, 240 domestic companies and 83 foreign companies; The number of overseas exhibitors accounted for 25.9%, and the total number of visitors was 13,832.

  • CHInano2016 set up an exhibition area of 10,000 ㎡ with 300 exhibitors, as well as 63 overseas exhibitors which accounting for 21%, and registered the "CHInano ®" trademark in the same year. The total number of visitors reached 5882.

  • CHInano2015 set up an exhibition area of 8,000 ㎡ with 232 exhibitors, as well as 37 overseas exhibitors which accounting for 16%. The total number of visitors reached 5882.

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