The Most Influential Nanotech Exchange Event in China
CHInano,the most influential nanotechnology application industry exchange event in China,is China’s most authentic and the largest international expo of nanotechnology exchanges.The conference is composed of summits (plenary speeches, breakout sessions and application forums), exhibition, contest and matchmaking, focusing on nano new materials, micro nano manufacturing, third generation semiconductor,nanoimprint,nano-health,energy and clean technology and nanobiotechnology, etc., to build the premier platform for international communication and exchanges in nanotechnology.

After twelve years of development, CHInano Conference & Expo has become the most influential nanotech business event in China and gained active participation and broad recognition of the world’s leading nanotech nations.


CHInano 2021, integrating “conference, exhibition, competition, awarding and product launch”,held 1 keynote speech,10 special forums,2 contests and 307 industrial reports. It invited 1 Nobel Prize winner and 11 Chinese and foreign academicians. It offered an exhibition area of 20,000m2 and more than 560 exhibition booths.Over 2,000 kinds of high-tech products were displayed and more than 2,200 nanotech firms participated in the event. The Conference & Expo received a total of 20,796 visitors. Nearly a hundred of intents of collaboration were reached on site with up to 340 million CNY investment intent signed on site between companies.

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