Conference Introduction

The 2023 Chinese Flexible and Printed Electronics Symposium (Flex China 2023) is to be held in Suzhou on 1-2 March 2023

Printed electronics uses printing technologies to make flexible and large area electronic and optoelectronic devices and systems. It is a green manufacturing process and has become a new paradigm in electronic manufacturing. Printing is already adopted in OLED/QLED display panels production, printing is becoming one of the mainstream technologies for making sensors for IoT. Printing is changing the way the printed circuit board (PCB) are made. Smart packaging based on printed electronics will have great impact on traditional printing and packaging industries. Printed electronics on variety of flexible substrate materials such as plastics, papers, textiles or stretchable materials will enable wide range of form factors for electronic products, therefore, open up vast possibilities of new applications.

China started its own printed electronics development in 2010 and held the first symposium that year. Since then, the symposium has been held for 12 consecutive years, including 2 international conferences (ICFPE 2014 and 2018) hosted in China. These symposiums have stimulated the interests of Chinese researchers and industrialists to get involved in the field. From 2017, the Symposium became one of the SEMI’s global FlexTech meeting series and branded as “Flex China”. SEMI is the international organization for semiconductor industries. By forming the alliance with SEMI, the symposium became international. It also reflected the global trend of combining integrated circuit (IC) with printed electronics to enable practical applications of flexible electronics.

The 2023 Chinese Flexible and Printed Electronics Symposium (Flex China 2023) will again be held in Suzhou on 26-27 October. Built on its previous success, the Flex China 2023 will continue to serve as a platform for the exchange of information and progress in the field of flexible & printed electronics.

The Flex China 2023 is under the umbrella of the 2023 China Nano Conference & Expo (Chinano), with several other events in parallel to be held in the same time and at the same venue. For more information about Flex China 2023 and other parallel events, please visit the Chinano website:

Conference Introduction


Organized by

    • Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO), CAS
    • Printable Electronics Research Centre(PERC)
    • Suzhou Realfast Print Technology Co.,Ltd.
    • Gusu laboratory of Materials
    • National Innovation Alliance of Printed Electronics Industrial Technology(IAPE)
    • SEMI China
    • Nanopolis Suzhou Co., Ltd.

Main topics

Main topics

Topics discussed at this meeting included but are not limited to:

Speakers and Agenda

Date: Mar. 1-Mar. 2
Location: A108-109
Speakers of 2023 Conference
Ravinder Dahiya
(Glasgow University, UK, Professor)
Flexible Electronic Skin for Robotics and Interactive Systems
Speakers of 2023 Conference
Wei Wu
(Wuhan University, Professor)
All printed electronics for smart packaging applications

      BiographyResearch areas are in printable functional materials, printed electronics and intelligent packaging, wearable electronics. A member of International Printing Standards TC-30 committee. Vice director of printing technology committee in Chinese Society of Imaging Science and Technology. Won a number of awards in the last few years. Published over 100 scientific papers with citations over 8500. 

      AbstractLike the e-skins in wearable electronics, smart packaging is also originated with highly interdisciplinary nature, including integration of electric interconnections, physical/chemical sensors, optoelectronic displays, energy generation and storage. Conventional packaging involves printing of pictures and texts to convey the message of products. If the same printing can be used to printing smart electronic devices, the cost of smart packaging can be greatly reduced. The talk will introduce recent progress in printing energy devices, sensors and flexible heating devices at the author’s group and also describe their potentials in smart packaging applications.

Speakers of 2023 Conference
Yinhua Zhou
(Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor)
Design of interface materials for printable organic photovoltaics

      BiographyProfessor at the National Center of Optoelectronics. Research in printable organic photovoltaics with special focuses on flexible transparent electrodes, molecular interface of high/low work function and applications. Published over 150 papers with citations of 8900 and H-factor 51.

      AbstractOrganic photovoltaics can be fabricated by printing and mechanically flexible, but difficult to realize high efficiency. The key problem is the deposition of dense and uniform films and efficient charge transport between films. This talk will focus on the design of charge transport layers, particularly the hole transport via PEDOT:F which can overcome the problems of traditional PEDOT:PSS, such as acidic, absorbing moisture and hydrophobicity, and the PEI-Zn of low work function of conductive polymer for electron transport. With these new charge transport materials, all-printed organic photovoltaic with efficiency over 13% has been realized.

Speakers of 2023 Conference
Ranran Wang
(Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor)
Flexible sensing materials and wearable sensors

      BiographyPhD in 2013 from the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Research areas are in flexible wearable sensors and applications. Published more than 60 journal papers in J. Am. Chem. Soc, Adv. Maters etc. with citations over 3900 and H-factor of 32. 

       AbstractFlexible sensors are the key components in wearable electronic systems and have already demonstrated great application potentials in health care, artificial intelligence and other areas. Novel flexible sensing materials plays the vital role in design and fabrication of high performance flexible sensors. The talk will systematically introduce the work conducted in the speaker’s research team on the new sensing materials and microstructures development, as well as present a series of multifunctional sensors for applications in sports, health and medical fields.

Speakers of 2023 Conference
Jian Fang
(Professor, College of Textile and Clothing Engineering, Soochow University; Director, Key Laboratory of Smart Textile-based flexible devices, Chinese Union of Textile Industry)
Electroactive fibric materials and smart textile structures

      BiographyDistinguished Professor, PhD Supervisor. Graduated from Deakin University of Australia with PhD degree in materials engineering and joined Soochow University in 2019. Specialty in flexible wearable electronic garments, nanofibers and high performance textiles. Published over 90 journal papers and 3 books, filed over 10 patents.

      AbstractThe rapid development of wearable electronics has drawn considerable attention on smart garments and textiles. However, current smart garments are mostly based on mounting rigid silicon devices onto conventional textiles, which greatly limits the comfortability and durability of clothes. Newly developed electroactive fabrics and smart textiles with various electronic functions can replace some of the electronic devices and interconnects, which helps to realize the wearability of these smart garments. 

Speakers of 2023 Conference
Simon Hao
(Yi Xin Technology Founder and CEO)
Advanced technology for flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing and packaging

      Biography:South regional manager, Microscope Business unit of Carl Zeiss China from 2005 to 2011, founded Yi Xin Technology in 2011 to provide total solution for flexible and printed electronics, participated the development of PeJet printer and FlexTest system for testing of flexible devices, and made the Yi Xin Technology as the specialist supplier of materials and equipment for flexible and printed electronics in China. The company supplies Piezo driven inkjet printers, Aerosol Jet printers, Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) jet printers, ultrasonic jet printers, 3D nonregular direct write printers, Slot Die and roll-to-roll coaters, FlexTest instruments, maskless photolithography system, and photonic sintering systems.

      AbstractFlexible hybrid electronics (FHE) which combines additive printing with mature integrated circuit (IC) technology has shown great application potentials. However, current technologies in printing resolution, ink viscosity and material loading, device reliability are still not up to the demand. The recent developed Ultra Precision Deposition (UPD) technology can use highly viscous and high material loading inks while still enables direct printing of minimum 1um features with high aspect ratio on topographical substrate. Such superior features can solve the problems in 3D interconnects for IC chips and 3D packaging, which are essential in the manufacturing of FHEs for wearable electronic systems, soft robotic systems, ultrathin displays and health care applications.

Speakers of 2023 Conference
Weiran Cao
(TCL CSOT Vice Director)
Flexible OLED Displays with Ink-jet Printing Technology

      BiographyWeiran Cao received his PhD from University of Florida in 2013. He joined TCL CSOT in 2018, now leading the team to develop ink jet printing technology.

      AbstractDue to the requirement of thin device structure and manufacturing on flexible substrate, OLED is the most feasible technology for flexible display. The ink-jet printing technology exhibits huge manufacturing and cost advantages in large-scale flexible OLED because of key features such as simplified manufacturing process, no need for fine metal mask(FMM) and so on.

CSOT has been investing in this new technology for many years, and now has mastered the complete manufacturing process for IJP display technology, like panel design, substrate, TFT backplane, EL device, thin film encapsulation, module etc.

In the future, CSOT will keep increasing investment and R&D effort in flexible IJP display technology, unite partners including printing material vendors, printing equipment manufacturers and other technical cooperation partners, to work together for accomplishing the mass production of flexible IJP OLED display technology.

Speakers of 2023 Conference
Shlomo Magdassi
(The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Professor; Director of HUJI Center for Functional and 3D Printing)
New Materials and aproaches for 2D,3D and 4D printed Electronics

      BiographyShlomo Magdassi is a professor at the Institute of Chemistry of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and currently, His research focuses on micro and nanomaterials and their applications in functional inks such as printed electronics, 2D, 3D and 4D printing. In addition to his scientific publications he has more than 90 inventions, which led to many commercial activities, including licensing agreements, worldwide sales and establishing new start-up companies. Shlomo Magdassi is a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, and the recipient of the 2022 Johann Gutenberg Prize of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology.

      Abstract: Functional printing brings the additional performance of printed patterns, beyond graphic output. Our research is focused on the synthesis and formulations of conductive inks, and their utilization in all-printed electrical and optoelectronic devices. These inks address major challenges in the fabrication of flexible, stretchable, and 3D electronics devices, in which the fabrication by printing should be performed at low temperatures to enable utilization in stretchable polymeric substrates. Inks composed of various nanomaterials, mainly silver, copper and CNT dispersions, will be presented, while tailored to the various printing technologies. Utilization of 3D and 4D printing technologies for the fabrication of objects composed of shape memory polymers, elastomers and hydrogels will be demonstrated. Printing-based applications will be discussed, in various fields, such as actuators and sensors for soft robotics, wearable electronics and Internet of Things.

Speakers of 2023 Conference
Khasha Ghaffarzadeh
(TechBlick,Germany CEO)
Printed Electronics: Emerging technologies to print nano- to micron sized features

      BiographyKhasha is the CEO of TechBlick. He has spent more than a decade leading a global analysts teams focused on emerging technologies at IDTechEx. He has developed market-leading industry reports and supported numerous clients in Asia, Europe, and North America.  Prior to founding TechBlick, Khasha was the Research Director at a global market research firm. He completed his masters and PhD at the University of Cambridge and UCL, respectively. He worked with Samsung to produce and characterize state-of-the-art TFTs. He is regularly cited in leading journals and his academic publications are cited over a 1000 times.

      AbstractThe resolution of printed electronics technology improves constantly, in some cases even encroaching into the territory of lithography. What is achieved today was hardly imaginable last decade.  In this talk, we will review the state-of-the-art in various fineline printing approaches. In doing so, we will cover techniques as diverse as screen printing, hybrid  printing, flexo and gravure printing, LIFT (laser induced forward transfer), transfer, nanoimprint, etc. We will show how printed techniques today can cover the entire spectrum from nano-sized to micro-sized scale on substrates as diverse as silicon and PET using both continuous/analogue as well as digital techniques.


面向全球范围内征集项目,最终优选 15 个优质项目于 2022 年 10 月 27 日活动现场进行项目路演。

1、项目领域:航空航天、锂电隔热、绿色建筑、光电化学催化、新能源、生物 医药、器官支架、细胞培养、高端装备、生物抗菌等

2、参会对象:诚邀全国各地凝胶材料产业相关政府领导、上市公司高管、知名 凝胶材料企业家、科研机构专家、知名投资人、金融机构负责人、媒体代表等;

3、项目要求:拥有完整专利权或专属在研产品;实验室实验已完成,有产业化 背景更佳;比同类产品或技术更具优势;


(1)应征论文必须是作者近年的研究新成果、新技术、新工艺、新材料、新 产品,且没有在学术刊物或学术会议上公开发表过;

(2)请先提交包含论文题目、作者姓名、作者单位及 500 字以内论文摘要;

(3)论文摘要格式:i) 论文的题目(小 4 号黑体字居中);ii) 所有作者的姓名 及工作单位(小 4 号楷体字居中);iii)不低于 300 字以概括文章的主要内容(5 号宋体字)。摘要正文可分段落,但一律不用各级标题,不能含有图、表及参考 文献;iv) 3~5 个关键词(5 号黑体字);v) 论文所属专题分类号(5 号黑体字)。 请在上述征文学术专题中选择合适您的论文摘要的论文所属专题分类号,以便安 排在合适的分会场进行宣读或展示。vi) 论文联系作者的详细通讯地址、手机或 电话、e-mail 地址(5 号楷体字);

(4)摘要提交截止日期为:2022 年 09 月 30 日



各位参会代表如需展示墙报请提前与组委会处报备并自行打印,组委会提供 展板。墙报尺寸:115cm(高)*85cm(宽),于会议期间全程展示。

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