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Printed electronics uses printing technologies to make flexible and large area electronic and optoelectronic devices and systems. It is a green manufacturing process and has become a new paradigm in electronic manufacturing. Printing is already adopted in OLED display panels production, printing is becoming one of the mainstream technologies for making sensors for IoT. Printing is changing the way the printed circuit board (PCB) are made. Smart packaging based on printed electronics will have great impact on traditional printing and packaging industries. Printed electronics on variety of flexible substrate materials such as plastics, papers, textiles or stretchable materials will enable wide range of form factors for electronic products, therefore, open up vast possibilities of new applications.

China began its own printed electronics development in 2010 and held the first symposium that year. Since then, the symposium has been held for 11 consecutive years, including 2 international conferences (ICFPE 2014 and 2018) hosted in China. These symposiums have stimulated the interests of Chinese researchers and industrialists to get involved in the field. From 2017, the Symposium became one of the SEMI’s global FlexTech meeting series and branded as “Flex China”. SEMI is the international organization for semiconductor industries. By forming the alliance with SEMI, the symposium became international. It also reflected the global trend of combining integrated circuit (IC) with printed electronics to enable practical applications of flexible electronics.

The 2021 Chinese Flexible and Printed Electronics Symposium (Flex China 2021) will again be held in Suzhou on 27-29 October. Built on its previous success, the Flex China 2021 will continue to serve as a platform for the exchange of information and progress in the field of flexible & printed electronics. In addition, this year’s symposium will merge with the symposium of Inkjet Digital Manufacturing and 3D Printing previously held in the same venue, which reflects the trend of printing fabrication extending to nonelectronic applications. The symposium of Inkjet Digital Manufacturing and 3D Printing has been held in the last 5 consecutive years, which was a gathering of experts in the areas of piezo electric inkjet printing, digital coloring and patterning of textiles, inkjet 3D printing, as well as inkjet printer heads manufacturing, testing and packaging.  

The Flex China 2021 is under the umbrella of the 2021 China Nano Conference & Expo (Chinano), with several other events in parallel to be held in the same time and at the same venue. For more information about other parallel events, please visit the Chinano website:

Conference Introduction


Organized by

  • Printable Electronics Research Centre(PERC)
  • National Innovation Alliance of Printed Electronics Industrial Technology(IAPE)
  • SEMI China (SEMI 中国)
  • Nanopolis Suzhou Co., Ltd.

Main topics

Main topics

Topics discussed at this meeting included but are not limited to:


Speakers of 2021 Conference


Confirmed Speakers of FLEX China 2021

日期: 10月28日地点:A209-A210

Confirmed Speakers of FLEX China 2021
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